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Nature and tradition: the art of wood with Toscolegnami

Foundation and growth

The Toscolegnami company has deep roots in woodworking . Founded in the 1980s by Silvano Checconi, the company began as a fringe project, focusing mainly on the production of trusses and timbers for fixtures and furniture . These early years were a period of learning and growth for Silvano, who had already accumulated significant experience working in the Brianza shearing mills in the previous decades.

Diversification and expansion

In the following years, the company significantly expanded its field of expertise, embracing the production of laminated beams and joinery timbers , ensuring high-quality materials for a variety of applications. The range of planks has been further enriched with the introduction of products from different parts of the world, including European, American and African woods.

Tailored creation and customer service

To meet the growing demand of the residential sector , Toscolegnami has begun to focus on the creation of tailor-made wooden houses, pergolas, garages and garden furniture . This has allowed private individuals to benefit from Toscolegnami's experience and craftsmanship to create unique and welcoming spaces in their gardens. In the early 2000s, the company took it a step further, offering customers a wide range of reclaimed materials , including antique beams, stone and vintage brick . This expansion has allowed us to also serve those seeking authentic elements for projects that embrace the past.

A future of excellence

Today, Toscolegnami is a true institution in the sector , with over 40 years of experience in woodworking . Our success story is the result of the passion, dedication and attention to detail that has guided us since the beginning. We are ready to continue to meet the ever-increasing needs of our customers and be your reliable partner in the realization of your wooden projects .

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