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Where wood tells stories of excellence

Recycled ancient material

We offer a rich assortment of products that take you back in time, transporting the beauty of past centuries into the present.

Prestigious materials and details
The "Ancient Material" is a tribute to the grandeur of past eras, with a vast selection of beams, morals, tiles, tiles and essential products for restoration . Among the jewels of this collection, the terracotta, stone and oak plank floors stand out, bringing a touch of refinement and warmth to your interiors. The terracotta floors, with carefully selected squares and rectangulars, represent the very essence of Italian craftsmanship .

Rustic elegance and architecture of ancient grandeur
The bricks for arches, columns and stabs bring to mind the majestic constructions of the past, while the pietra serena and travertine sinks add a touch of rustic elegance to your spaces. The travertine architraves and pietra serena jambs complete your architecture with an aura of ancient grandeur. In this selection of products, you will also find steps in pietra serena and travertine , ideal for creating a distinctive passage in any environment. Stone basins , fountains and benches bring the charm of the past to your gardens.

Prestigious details for the design
There is no shortage of antique fireplaces and jars, which add distinctive details to your design projects. Toscolegnami's past and present creations testify to the constant commitment to the quality and beauty of traditional materials.